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How to maintain water purifier?
2014-11-02 16:30:34

How to maintain water purifier?

How to maintain water purifier?
At present,on the market are selling many water purifiers, water purifier is mainly divided into household and commercial water purifier two categories.Every year,have many new model or maybe new function water filter. But as more and more serious water pollution, much important improving the quality of people's lives, on the increasingly high demand for drinking water, along with the requirement for water purifiers have become more sophisticated.

While you got a good water purifier,do you know how to maintain water purifier?
Ningbo East Water Co.,Ltd used 5 to 7 stage water filter cartridge,they are:
First stage:PP cotton filter/sediment filter: 5 micron pore size filter to remove residual water in the sediment, rust and other minor impurities.3 month replace pp filter.
UDF filter (copper and zinc alloy body precision carbon) to remove water-soluble lead. Mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals, and the zinc supplement beneficial to humans.6 month replace UDF filter.
CTO filter/block carbon filter: Control the breeding of bacteria, and to overcome the common active carbon filter water flow short shortcomings.
6 month replace UDF filter

RO/Reverse Osmosis filter: 0.0001 micron, removal of calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic and inorganic, metal ions and radioactive substances, through the device for purifying the water is crystal clear, sweet and mellow.
12-24 month replace RO filter.
UF: 0.001?0.02 micron, effectively remove impurities and bacteria in water.
10 month replace UF filter
T33:Improve the taste of pure water.6-12 month replace T33.
Mineral ball: Increase the mineral ion is beneficial to the human body
6 month replace mineral ball.
UV lamp: Kill microorganisms in pure water, in order to guarantee in microbial limit does not exceed the standard.The life time is 3000 hours.

From ours introduction,in order to maintain water purifier in good working condition,please kindly replace water filter cartridge in time.

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