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The story of me and water purifier(1)
2013-11-26 21:47:07

The story of me and water purifier(1)

After graduating from college, my first job was as a teacher. For a year, determined to give the medicine.
Came relatively more developed foreign trade in Ningbo City. At that time the desire is very simple, practical wanted to get a job, just for living.
I, unfortunately, nobody hired me to be his helper, no.
I did not give up, re-read the international trade.
Found work and water-related, and that is one machine with RO system.
Participated in the 105th Canton Fair, the first plane, the first time I saw so many foreigners.
In order to do this work on behalf of foreign sales, I understand the product line to include some water purifier accessories.
Now I miss those days, full, simple,happyness.

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