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Water purifier categories
2013-12-08 21:04:09

Water purifier categories

Water filter also called water purifier. By component structure is divided into RO reverse osmosis water purifier, ultrafiltration membrane water purifier, water purifier energy and ceramic water purifiers. RO reverse osmosis water purifier filter standard is five, namely: PP, granular activated carbon, compressed charcoal, RO reverse osmosis membrane, post carbon (also known as the small T33) 5 stage; ultrafiltration water purifier is super membrane-based, other filters such as activated carbon (excluding energy filter), supplemented by ultrafiltration water purifier is divided into vertical and horizontal installation in accordance with the two vertical ultrafiltration water purifier by the PP cotton, granular activated carbon , compressed carbon, external pressure ultrafiltration membrane, T33 composition; horizontal ultrafiltration water purifier made ??of stainless steel casing, the internal pressure ultrafiltration membrane, KDF components. Divided into household water purifier and commercial water purifiers.

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