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What is PP water filter cartridge?
2013-11-24 15:23:14

PP water filter cartridge (also known as meltblown filter)) is a non-toxic, tasteless polypropylene as raw material, through heating and melting, injection, traction, receiving shaping filter made ??of. a pp filter with uniform pore size, within the dense outer sparse depth filter structure, and has a high filtration efficiency, acid and alk ali excellent features. Can effectively remove suspended solids in the liquid, particulates, rust and other impurities.
Product functions and features
Can effectively remove liquid impurities in a variety of particle filter,may be multi-layered depth structure, pollutant carrying capacity, long life, filtration flow rate, pressure, without any chemical binders, more health, safety, acid, alkali, organic solvents, oils, good chemical stability, low cost, easy to replace. Set the surface, deep, coarse and fine filtration as one; has flow, corrosion resistance, high pressure low cost. To stop the rust in water, sediment, eggs and other large particulate matter.
PP filter is often used as a pre-filter RO water purifier.

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