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28Ltr water filter pot

Product Abstract:

28Ltr water filter pot,food grade metarial,thicker wall to stand presser,have higher purification,easy install health for body.

Product Description

28Ltr water filter pot,

food grade metarial,

thicker wall to stand presser,

have higher purification,

easy install health for body.

1: Easy to install yourself at home
2: 7 stages filters(if you need managet tap then will 8 stages)
A: Ceramic ball: Is made of highly compressed ceramic diatomic substances Have very ting porus structure of 0.2microns So can remove bacteria and harmfull mirco as well as rust and send and chemicals
B: Sliver carbon: Can traps dirts and dust salt and chemicals chlorine and fluoride Mineral ball: Provide minerals which are basic elements the body needs to form body and to enbale the body to funtion well
C: Silica sand
D: Granular carbon is made of the grannular carbon media and remove the chlorine, taste and odor from the water
E: Mainfans stone: Also add the mineral elements to body
F: Managet tap

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